Booking an Appointment:

We ask that you contact us by phone to book a consultation with the doctor or nurse.

We operate 10 minute appointment slots for each consultation.

Consultations: We are now offering both in person and telephone consultations.

We have a ‘One Problem Per Consultation’ policy
We kindly ask that all patients try and stick to our ‘One Problem Per Consultation’ policy. The main reason for this request is for clinical safety.
We know that getting an appointment with the doctor is sometimes difficult and that some patients ‘save’ their problems and present them to the doctor at the same time, with or without a list. We also know that the clinician may run late. All of this increases the tendency for patients to present multiple problems to their doctor at one consultation.

Each appointment is only 10 minutes long. Ten minutes really is not a lot of time, even for just one problem, e.g., 1 minute to get to doctor’s room and sit down, 3 minutes to tell a history, 3-4 minutes to perform a targeted examination, 2 minutes to explain, advise and treat. There is no time left of the ten minutes to write up notes, fill out forms, dictate referrals or speak to other team members for advice.

Presenting the clinician with multiple problems means that there is a real increased risk that mistakes will be made and things to be missed as the clinician may be inclined to rush, particularly if other patients are waiting.

One of Primary Care’s main purposes is to detect serious disease early. Presenting multiple problems to the clinician, not all of which may be serious, increases the difficulty of this task – it is like finding the ‘needle in a haystack’.

Doctors cannot see huge numbers of patients with multiple problems and continue to practice safely and effectively. A stressed doctor will struggle to be a good and safe doctor.

We do consider that GP appointments are a limited resource and we would kindly ask that such a service be used with care and consideration.

Therefore please do not be offended if the doctor asks you to rebook for your other problems. We are working in your best interests in order to keep you safe.

We would always encourage patients to book double appointments if there are multiple problems that need discussing.

We always aim to be punctual for your appointment, however medical emergencies may occasionally have to take priority and this can result in delays. Where possible you will be advised of this delay. We would be grateful for your patience.

View charges here: Chapelizod Medical Centre Fees


Chapelizod Medical Centre also provides the following services on contract to the HSE:

The GMS (Medical Card Scheme) and the DOCTOR VISIT CARD SCHEME

This provides free care to the holder for acute medical illnesses. There are a number of commonly requested services which are NOT covered by these schemes.

These include the following:

  • Screening services such as well man / well woman checks.
  • Examinations for driving licences, insurance purposes, fitness for participation in sports, fitness to travel etc.
  • Blood tests* other than those ordered by a doctor in the practice for the investigation of acute illness.

* The following for example are not covered: Blood tests on behalf of private medical consultants, hospital outpatient services and several others.  Please check in advance when requesting any service involving blood tests, as an appropriate private fee is likely to be charged.

For full listings Download here


This provides a specific and limited number of visits for antenatal care and newborn checks free of charge. Additional care of mothers and infants for other medical problems are not part of the scheme and appropriate fees will apply. (Except for holders of GMS Medical Cards).


The agreed schedule of infant and childhood vaccinations are available without charge.

A fee will apply for the administration of other recommended vaccines, such as influenza, pneumococcal etc. –  for those at high risk from certain infections. (Except for holders of GMS Medical Cards)

All travel vaccines are charged for on a fee per service basis (including holders of GMS Medical Cards)


Receipts are issued for all payments made on the day of visit.  Please retain your receipt as proof of payment, for reclaims and for tax purposes.  Any request for duplicate receipts will incur a charge.  Please enquire from staff.


As a first time patient we ask that you contact the practice in advance of making an appointment.

You will be invited to attend for registration appointment with one of our partners. This is a dedicated appointment, to be booked in advance, so as to offer you adequate time for our doctor to take your personal and medical details.

You will be requested to fill in a short form registering your details with the administration staff and also a release of records form to enable us to retrieve your Medical Records from your previous doctor.

Please note all patients are considered private patients at the time of joining the practice and our normal fees apply for all services including your registration appointment. Should you have an existing medical card or wish to apply for one through our practice this can be discussed at your registration appointment so that appropriate arrangements can be made in a timely manner. Thank you.

Test Results:

Patients will usually be informed of their follow up arrangements at the time that they have their investigation(s) / test(s) done.

We would request that you register with our free texting service to facilitate this process by downloading a copy of this form from our website. You can present the completed form to our office.

We are unable to email results due to recent data protection legislation. If you were advised to contact the practice regarding your test results or you have a particular query, please phone the surgery to discuss this with the administrative staff.

The relevant nurse or doctor will contact you subsequently.

Request for a letter / Form:

Any forms or certificates that require verification of a person’s health status or identity can ONLY be completed following consultation with a doctor.

Requests for completion of certificates, insurance forms, letters and applications for grants or services must be submitted to the office giving at least 3 days notice. Please confirm with the administrative staff whether or not a consultation is required.

All the above services will carry the relevant fees depending on their complexity. (This is not covered by the HSE under the medical card scheme).

Finding out about a hospital appointment:

If you have been referred to or are attending the hospital and you have a query regarding your appointment, or follow up at the hospital, please initially contact the relevant information service below.

If you have any further difficulties, or you have a particular concern, please phone the surgery to discuss this with the administrative staff. The relevant nurse or doctor will contact you subsequently.

St James’s HospitalMain Switch01 410 3000
Outpatient Appointments01 410 3433
01 410 3434
Tallaght Hospital (AMNCH)Main Switch01 414 2000
National Children’s Hospital (Tallaght)Outpatient Appointments01 414 2409
01 414 2410
Crumlin Children’s HospitalMain Switch01 409 6100
Outpatient Appointments01 409 6130

Find the Practice:

Chapelizod Directions

The surgery is located on the Old Lucan Road, on the corner of Belgrove Park, at the western edge of the village. There is on street parking available in the vicinity of Belgrove Park. 

Ballyfermot Directions

The surgery is on the ground floor of the Ballyfermot Primary Care Centre (red facade) located on Ballyfermot Road, adjacent to Cherry Orchard Hospital. The entrance is directly opposite Lidl. Off street parking is available to the rear of the building. It is serviced by Bus routes 18,40,76 and 76A. 

Chapelizod Medical Centre

Ballyfermot Primary Care Centre